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About Layla


I am fiery and assertive when in love and lust. Passionate and ardent, I will let you do the pursuing. My desires burn bright and creative. Our time is filled with enthusiasm, it engulfs you, an experience you must see and not a moment later. Mad passionate quickies or a little rough handling can make you bloom like a rose or harden like a barrel cactus. Shout for delirious joy on climax to let the world know how positively turbulent you feel!


Is all about playtime, sharing fantasies with one another, then enacting those shared secrets to enhance your, emotional and loving relationship. Role play considerably extends foreplay, heightens anticipation and embelishes all pleasures


Companionship is an art form to be shared; just envision some of the explicit shapes you and your companion can dance into, all in search of the ultimate benumbing, buzzing delirium, interlude with taste, intelligence, and a curious artistic finesse that is somewhat like a conductor enthusiastically wielding, waving and weaving his or her baton.

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